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Quang Ninh Customs: Reform to create maximum conditions for enterprises

08:55 | 06/01/2017

VCN – 2016 marked an impressive change in the Customs administration reforms, in which Quang Ninh Customs is considered as an outstanding unit for this performance. 

quang ninh customs reform to create maximum conditions for enterprises Changes to exceed the Customs post-clearance audit target
quang ninh customs reform to create maximum conditions for enterprises Customs revenue of Quang Ninh: Another 665 billion vnd to reach the target
quang ninh customs reform to create maximum conditions for enterprises Quang Ninh Customs: State budget revenue reached nearly 10,000 billion VND
quang ninh customs reform to create maximum conditions for enterprises

Quang Ninh Customs proactively carries out administrative reform to faciliate enterprises.In the photo is operational activity of the Customs Branch in Cam Pha port. Photo: Quang Hung

Many great reforms deployed

In 2016, the volume of imported-exported goods acrossing the Quang Ninh province continued to increase in both turnover and quantity of enterprises doing E-Customs procedures. To 25 November, 2016, there were 962 enterprises doing Customs procedures with 54,959 Customs declarations, increasing by 7.75% compared to the same period in 2015. Thereby, increasing the import-export turnover to 57.2% (reaching over $US 13.3 billion). In which, the import turnover reached $US 8.3 billion, up by 52.5% and the export turnover reached over $US 5 billion, up by 65.8%.

Facing the requirements of facilitation and assurance of management, Quang Ninh Customs specified the content of administration plan and reform of the sector and the province. For an example: the unit continued to maintain and effectively deploy the Vietnam Automated Cargo Clearance System (VNACCS/VCIS), reducing the clearance time by 1-3 seconds for the green channel declarations, the percentage of green channel declarations increased over 60%, the clearance time reached at the target set out by the Ministry of Finance (clearance time for imported goods is not over 41 hours and for exported goods is not over 39 hours). Besides, the unit also absolutely exploited and effectively implemented 29 software and operation programs connecting with LAN and WAN for the whole of Customs to improve the efficiency of management. Together with that were some reforms which were successfully operated such as: the National Single Window and the ASEAN Single Window; and proposal for deployment of 2 centralized specialized inspection stations in Cai Lan port and Mong Cai border gate.

After nearly one year of deploying the 2 centralized specialized inspection stations that reduced the clearance time and created favorable conditions for enterprises. At the specialized inspection stattions, collaboration between Customs with specialized inspection authorities and enterprises in examination, taking samples for inspection was quicker and easier; ensuring the tight management of goods under the specialized inspection and handling unqualified shipments. The time from registering the inspection, taking the samples to receiving the inspection result of the specialized inspection authorities (Viet Nam Registry, Vina control Branch in Hai Phong and Quant Ninh) was reduced as before. It was remarkable that garments reduced from5 days to 1 day compared to the previous time and imported automobiles reduced to 5.8 days, down by 0.4 days.

Moreover, Quang Ninh Customs deployed the online public services according to the plan of the General Department of Customs with 46 procedures at level 3 in the Department level and Branch level. For 6 months in the Department level and 3 months in Branch level, the units held Customs – Business Dialogue Conferences to get comments as well as issue measures in a timely fashion to handle obstacles reflected by the enterprises. The units also maintained the operation of the Team for handling obstacles at the Department level and Branch level, thereby supporting and guiding and resolving the obstacles of the enterprises during Customs procedures such as collection and payment to the State budget by electronic method through commercial banks accounted for 96% of total revenues; deployment of process of using Seal for GPS in the management to closely monitor goods transported by container.

Create and set- up management software

In 2016, Quang Ninh Customs effectively used management software such as: management of goods in and out of the bonded warehouses; management of goods of residents in the border areas and statistics of imported and exported goods, etc being approved by the business community and people. This management software also promoted creativity, coordination of subunits before the actual requirements.

At the end of June, 2016, Bac Phong Sinh Customs Branch and Data and IT Center researched, built and operated successfully the management software of temporarily imported goods for re-export and in bonded warehouses from other places. The software was setup on Web technology and centralized data, to meet the utilities and functionalities of the database system; information reception and staffing assignment.

Earlier, at the end of 2015, and early 2016, to ensure the management of goods of the residents at the border areas acrossing the Mong Cai international border gate, the management software of residents at the border areas built by the Import –Export Cargo Procedures Team No. 2 (Customs Branch at the Mong Cai border gate) and the Data and IT Center supported to closely monitor as prescribed for exchanged goods of the residents in the border areas. This software aimed at controlling tightly the travel times of an importer and exporter and times of tax exemption in a day of the residents in the border areas carrying the goods under the list of duty-free items.

With the deployment of this software, the data was centrally managed; the list was updated in the computer and saved electronically, facilitating the statistics on the quantity, value and amount of tax-exemption; and easily searched; removing paper recording of Customs officers as well as book printing of goods control of the residents in the border areas. In addition, this software also supports the declaration on the list for residents who are low educated, illiterate, old and Chinese citizens who do not know Vietnamese language.

quang ninh customs reform to create maximum conditions for enterprises Difficulties during tax debt collection in Quang Ninh Customs Department

VCN- In fact, when Customs officers work with enterprises about tax debts, there were several problems such ...

To promote these achievements, in 2017, the Quang Ninh Customs continues to set 6 groups of key tasks in administration reform, including: institution reform, procedural reform; organizational apparatus reform; and establishment and improvement of the quality of Customs officials and civil servants; public finance reform and administrative modernization. In which, the unit will develop and issue a plan to control administrative procedures in 2017, continue to focus on implementing, evaluating and reviewing administrative procedures in order to promptly detect any problems arising during task implementation, and propose to cancel or amend and supplement those administrative procedures which are no longer appropriate. At the same time, continuing to implement the evaluation system of Customs performance and measurement of goods clearance time; receiving and deploying the evaluation index system of work results in accordance with the Customs operational field.

On 10 December, 2016, the Quang Ninh Customs revenues were estimated at 11,696 billion vnd, reaching 97.47% of the assigned target, the highest rate of the units which were estimated to reach more than 10,000 billion vnd of revenues.

The control of revenues contributed to accurate collection for the State budget. For example in the post clearance audit, the unit issued 257 Decisions on imposing tax and payment to the budget of 57.18 billion vnd, reaching 286% of the assigned target by the General Department of Customs, up by 29% compared to the same period in 2015. The unit also discovered and handled 385 smuggling cases and trade fraud and counterfeit goods, in which there were 364 smuggling cases acrossing the border, worth 17.469 billion vnd; and 17 of 19 cases of offenders carrying out 12.12 kgs of synthetic drugs; 21 cases of trade fraud; and handling 601 violation cases and prosecuting 2 cases and transferring 23 cases to other authorities for prosecution.

By Quang Hung/ Huyen Trang