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New technology for business development on mobile platform

09:27 | 14/09/2017

VCN – The “Vietnam Mobile Hackathon” program – a program for support development and integrate updated technology about business development on the mobile platform was organized for the first time by Google for more than 100 programmers from many companies in different fields such as e-commerce, retailing, tourism, and journalism.

new technology for business development on mobile platform
Engineers from Google guide IT engineers came from Vietnamese companies

According to Google, the penetration of websites in Vietnam is on the rise, currently, it reaches 60% (increase by 48% in 2014). The key factor driving this trend is the mobile device. Recently, the published data have shown that the number of mobile phones connected is more than Vietnam population, with 128.3 million mobile connections for 90 million people. The penetration rate of smartphones in Vietnam is 55% and continues to increase.

When the generation of "mobile-only for internet access” starts to connect, this is also the time when mobile will make the websites become more local. It brings many benefits to small local businesses when users use mobile devices to find a wedding venue, a local cafe, or simply a place to patch a car.

Mobile devices have increased the user's expectations for speed and content. If the user does not have a good experience, such as if the website is loading too slowly or too difficult to read, they will immediately skip to another page. The truth is that 53% of users will abandon a mobile site if they take more than 3 seconds to load. Do not optimize the website on a mobile platform is the same meaning to closes in front of customers just because they are using a different device to access platform which is developing by the enterprise.

Facing with that situation, Google introduced two new technology solutions that could help webmasters to create great experiences for mobile users which are Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Some Vietnamese enterprises have pioneered the application of new technologies to provide great experiences for their users. Typically, company, one of the fastest growing businesses in the retailing field today, has provided a great experience on a mobile platform for mobile user by using technologies such as PWA and AMP. As a result, since has applied PWA, their website speed is running faster more than six times, the percentage of returning customers has increased by 28% and the actual conversion rate (from customers and buyers) increased doubles (100%) compared to the time before PWA.

Mr. Le The Hien, the Product Development Manager of, shared that the decision to apply PWA technology, which helped Tiki improve the speed of the mobile phone many times since it unlocked the development of other important features. Thus, it helps Tiki's system to expand to large scale in order to meet the strong growth of e-commerce in Vietnam. Therefore, PWA is one of the important factors that help Tiki to extend its coverage to a wide range of customers across the country.

By Nguyễn Hiền/Thanh Thuy