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Lang Son: Arresting a man transporting 70 kg of firecrackers

09:24 | 05/09/2017

VCN- The Lang Son Police has just discovered and caught a man who is transporting 70 kg of illegal firecrackers.

lang son arresting a man transporting 70 kg of firecrackers

At 9 o'clock on September 2, while on the mission at Km 6 + 200 National Highway 1A, in Thuy Hung Commune, Cao Loc District, Lang Son Province, working group of Cao Loc District Police collaborated with patrol team traffic control No.1 of The Lang Son Public Security Inspectorate inspected a passenger car which has number plate12B - 00025 in the way from Huu Nghi to Lang Son City.

Competent Forces found out Pham Van Sam, was born in 1963, residing in Thuong 2 Hamlet, Khanh Hoa Commune, Yen Khanh District, Ninh Binh Province, transporting large quantities of illegal firecrackers.

Pham Van Sam claimed that the fireworks had 48 trusses of 36 holes per rack, with a total weight of 70kg, purchased in areas bordering Vietnam - China border for a price of 9, 6 million. Then split up the fireworks into the cargo boxes on the passenger car to hide the competent forces.

By Dao Le/Manh Hung