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Hanoi: 132 units owed tax liability over 82.2 billion vnd

10:41 | 14/08/2017

VCN – Hanoi Tax Department has continued to announce the list of 132 units owed tax liability, fees and ground rent with total debt is 82,231 million vnd.

hanoi 132 units owed tax liability over 822 billion vnd
Professional activities at Hanoi Tax Department. Photo: Thùy Linh

In that, there are 127 enterprises owe tax debt of 74,266 million vnd and 5 units owe ground rent of 7,965 million vnd.

Among enterprises owing taxes and fees, Thang Long No.9 Construction Joint Stock Company (TLG9) owes 14.4 billion vnd; Machine construction and service joint stock company (MCCONS) owes more than 8.7 billion vnd; LVB Communication Co., Ltd owes more than 5.6 billion vnd; An Khang Trading & Construction Development Co., Ltd owes more than 5.1 billion vnd; Licogi 19 Joint Stock Company owes more than 2.5 billion vnd, ...

Furthermore, 5 units owes debt that are more than 7.9 billion vnd of ground rent are: Transport construction joint stock company No.1 (owes debt of more than 2.7 billion vnd); Tung Giang Industrial JSC (owes debt of more than 2.3 billion vnd); Dien Bien Industrial Cooperative (owes debt of more than 1.4 billion vnd); TDR Co., Ltd (owes debt of more than 1.2 billion vnd); Thang Long Mechanical & Construction Joint Stock Company (Thang Long Mec 10) owes debt of 186 million vnd.

The announcement of list of tax liability is published by Hanoi Tax Department monthly. Defining tax debt management is a key task throughout to ensure stable budget collection in 2017, Hanoi Tax Department has taken drastic measures to promote the recovery of tax arrears. In particular, many official letters have been issued on strengthening the debt management, urging the debt collection and enforcement, and public posting the list of tax arrears so that businesses pay tax on time.

From the beginning of 2017 until now, Hanoi Tax Department has publicized debt of 939 enterprises and the project owing tax arrears with the total amount of debt is 2,857,099 million vnd. After the disclosure, there were 301 enterprises paid 142,690 million vnd to the state budget.

By Minh Anh/Thanh Thuy