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Government requests to reduce interest rate and remain the tax and fee rate

16:59 | 14/09/2017

VCN  - At the Resolution of the Government's regular meeting in August 2017, the Government asked each minister, heads of ministerial-level agencies and chairman of provincial People's Committees to be close to their jobs, enhance administrative discipline; concentrate on solving difficulties, obstacles, and creating favourable conditions, promoting production and business; and strive to achieve the  target of economic growth of 6.7% in 2017.

government requests to reduce interest rate and remain the tax and fee rate Assigning the Government bond investment plan 2017 for the 2nd period
government requests to reduce interest rate and remain the tax and fee rate Decree on automobile business conditions still in waiting period
government requests to reduce interest rate and remain the tax and fee rate Government pays special attention to taxes and fees for enterprises
government requests to reduce interest rate and remain the tax and fee rate
The Government requests to create favorable conditions for enterprises to develop production and business. Photo: H. Diu

Striving to reduce interest rate

The Government required ministries, agencies, and localities to focus on drastically, and synchronously implementing the tasks and solutions set out.

Specifically, the State Bank of Vietnam actively and flexibly monitors monetary policies in line with macroeconomic developments, inflation, and monetary market; strives to further reduce by 0.5 % of the lending interest rate from now until the end of 2017; strives for a 21% annual credit growth rate to boost production and business; enhances the inspection, examination and strict treatment of violations related to credit and ensures the system safety.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment actively guides and collaborates with Ministries, agencies and localities to fulfil procedures under the regulations promote the disbursement of allocated capital, review and identify reasons for the late disbursement in the past time to draw experience to do better in the coming time.

The Government assigns Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue to keep guiding the synchronous solutions for restructuring and equitization of State owned enterprises, capital divestment publically and transparently; concentrate on strictly handle groups, corporations, inefficient, lose-making and prolonged investment projects and works under the roadmap that was decided by the Politburo.

Not raising taxes, fees and charges

The Government requested the Ministry of Finance to concentrate on directing the effective implementation of measures to strengthen the management of revenue collection, prevent losses of revenues, thoroughly save expenses and strictly abide by financial and budgetary discipline. In 2017, no taxes, fees and charges have been raised to facilitate and support the development of production and business.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade shall carry out synchronously solutions to promote exports; strictly control the import activities, especially border-gate import activities and activities of temporary import for re-export of agricultural products; develop synchronously the domestic market, not let foreign enterprises to dominate; encourage domestic consumption and promoting the campaign "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods."

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development focuses on directing the implementation of measures to ensure the growth of 3.05%, the export of agricultural products at $US 33-34 billion; directs and guides localities to seriously and effectively implement measures to prevent and combat natural disasters and storms and floods to ensure the safety of people and minimize the damage for production; chairs and collaborates with relevant ministries and agencies to review and issue synchronous measures to prevent the situation of fake and poor quality fertilizers.

Strongly shifting from pre-inspection to post-inspection

The Government required ministries in charge of specialized management to closely monitor and make a roadmap and adjust suitable prices for essential goods and public services to limit the extraordinary impact on the average CPI and meet the targets assigned by the National Assembly.

Localities with large industrial scale and high proportion of services should focus on reviewing and developing specific measures to remove difficulties and create favourable conditions to accelerate the progress of projects and works and develop industries and fields with potential and advantages, contributing positively to GDP growth of the whole country.

Ministries, agencies, and localities accelerate the restructure of industries and fields; urgently finalize the development of the 2018 public socio-economic development Plan and the public Investment Plan in accordance with the required schedule; actively and effectively implement the tasks and solutions to improve the business environment, raise the national competitiveness and support the development of enterprises in the spirit that the Government accompanies the enterprise mentioned in the Resolutions No. 19-2016 / NQ-CP, 19-2017 / NQ-CP, 35 / NQ-CP dated 16 May 2016 of the Government and Directive No. 26 / CT-TTg dated 06 June 2017 of the Prime Minister; create favourable conditions for enterprises to develop production and business; review, amend and abolish unnecessary business procedures and conditions which cause difficulties for enterprises; and strongly shift from pre-inspection to post-inspection.

Fighting against negative acts in BOT projects

The Government also requested the Ministry of Transportation to strictly handle violations, fight against negative acts and group’s interests in the implementation of BOT projects; thoroughly review and consider the investment plan for North-South expressway project in the east to use the state capital effectively to ensure the publicity, transparency and harmony in the interests of the State, investors and users.

The Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs shall coordinate with relevant ministries, branches and localities to continue effective implementation of social welfare policies and promptly support people affected by natural disasters, floods and storms to stabilize life and restore production.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism shall cooperate with ministries, agencies and localities to boost the implementation of tasks and measures to make the tourism become a spearhead economic sector and strive to achieve the target of more than 13 million international tourists in 2017.

Putting the pharmacy management in order

The Government requested the Ministry of Health to strengthen the disease epidemic warning, guide the implementation of measures to prevent, fight against and get the outbreak under control, especially dengue fever epidemic and hand-foot-mouth disease; to collaborate with the People's Committee of Hanoi to gather the resources to control the dengue fever epidemic in the area. The Ministry of Health shall promptly review and rectify the state management on pharmacy; to coordinate with competent agencies in investigating and strictly handling violating organizations and individuals according to law provisions; and to strengthen the management of medicine prices according to the target of reducing by 10 - 15% in 2017, especially brand-name medicines.

government requests to reduce interest rate and remain the tax and fee rate ROK poised to increase market share in Vietnam drug market

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The Ministry of Education and Training instructs to make a good preparation for the new school year opening, particularly in areas affected by storms and floods to prevent the over-collection and situation that pupils cannot go to school because they cannot pay the school fee.

By Huong Diu/ Huyen Trang