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Enhancing the management, operation and stability of prices in Lunar New Year 2017

07:59 | 26/12/2016

VCN - The Minister of Finance has issued a Directive No. 06/CT-BTC enhancing the management, operation and stability of price in the Lunar New Year 2017.

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enhancing the management operation and stability of prices in lunar new year 2017

The compliance of regulations on price will be enhanced for inspection in this period. Photo: H. V

Not to be in shortage of goods for Tet holiday.

Accordingly, the Minister of Finance requested the Director of the Department of Finance to chair and collaborate with financial departments, and agencies of provinces to deploy pricing stability programs in accordance with the actual situation and ensure the supply-demand balance, especially provinces affected by floods, to prevent a shortage of goods, speculation, hoarding of goods and inaccurate information causing a sharp increase in price in localities; and allocate goods from the National goods reserves in a timely fashion as prescribed for the people in the provinces affected by natural disasters and floods; provide food for the people in the difficult periods and during the Tet holiday to ensure social security.

The Prime Minister also requested the Department of Finance to collaborate with relevant departments and agencies to enhance the inspection of the compliance of the law’s provisions on management of price, fees and charges in the provinces, especially necessary goods and services and goods and services in the following list: food, milk for children under age of 6 and medicines for disease prevention and treatment, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, transport fee and goods which are input materials for production such as: petrol, fertilizers, animal feed and pesticide, etc and release measures to strictly handle violations as prescribed; and publicly promulgate to organizations and individuals which have violated, and forms of handling on the mass media.

For passenger transport charges in fixed routes by road and passenger transport charges by taxi, the Department of Finance assigned the Department of Transportation to declare charges from 1 January 2017 as prescribed; concurrently enhance the inspection and release measures to strictly handle violations and cases of abusing the increase of passengers in the Tet holiday or hot seasons to increase charges, and the cases of not publicizing and posting the charges.

The Departments of Finance in the 4 provinces affected by the marine environmental incidents collaborated with relevant units to consult with the provincial People’s committees to carry out the contents under authorization on managing, using, reporting and finalizing the fund for compensation for damages caused by marine environment incidents, and ensure the payment directly to the people affected by the incidents in a timely fashion and avoid the occurrence of errors and negative practices. At the same time, the Department of Finance will collaborate with relevant units to enhance the inspection and supervision on the process of receiving, managing and paying compensation for the affected organizations and individuals in accordance with the provisions.

Anti-smuggling and anti- trade fraud enhanced.

Also in the Directive, the Minister of Finance directed the Director of Taxation to review and understand objects and the budget revenue resources in the provinces; control tax declarations, tax accounting of enterprises, organizations and individuals for collecting taxes, fees and charges for the State budget in a fashion time; and strengthen inspections, detection and prevention of tax evasion, tax debt and price transfer.

The Director of Taxation also to urge to collect in a fashion time budget revenues which have been extended in 2016 at the maturity date of payment to the budget; and collect in a timely way receivables under the results of audit, inspection and law protection authorities; publicize the list of enterprises who have tax debts in the mass media; closely manage tax refunds in accordance with the objects and regulations; and strictly detect and handle in a timely fashion all violations.

The Director of the State Treasury was instructed to focus and strengthen the control of State budget expenditure through the State Treasury including expenditure for development and the regular expenditure and determine not to disburse for cases which do not meet the conditions as described.

The leaders of the Ministry of Finance to request the Director of Customs to collaborate with relevant authorities to strengthen the performance of anti-smuggling, anti-trade fraud and counterfeited goods which are illegally imported across the borders in the key routes and provinces, especially in provinces which have borders.

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Directors of provincial Departments of State Reserves directed to allocate in a timely fashion the national reserves consistent with the direction of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of State Reserves to ensure social security and provide food for the people in localities affected by floods, and natural disasters in the difficult periods and Tet holiday; and issue measures to protect goods storage under direct management of the units.

By H. Van/ Huyen Trang