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Customs launches a competition to complete tasks of 2017

19:58 | 10/01/2017

VCN - In order to tighten discipline and create strength of all officials and laborers to complete the outstanding political tasks of Customs in 2017, the General Department of Customs has launched a competition with the theme: "Laws – Consensus – Action to build up Vietnam Customs".

customs launches a competition to complete tasks of 2017
Customs sector continue to simplify, administrative procedures reform, information technology application in professional activities.

The main tasks of the General Department of Customs have been identified:

Continue to grasp thoroughly the spirit of Directive 34-CT/TW dated 7-4-2014 of the Political Bureau on continuing to be innovation in competition and reward; in response to the movement of "Vietnam enterprises integration and development" launched by the Prime Minister. In that, implementing the "3 Actions, 5 supports" for enterprises; Connecting each competition of agencies and units with the "Study and follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh".

Quickly stabilize the organization, arrange and allocate officers appropriately to comply with right functions, duties and powers of the unit as prescribed by the Minister of Finance, the General Department of Customs. Also, ensuring the effectiveness of state management for Customs.

To continue to implement Resolution No. 19-2016 / NQ-CP of the Government dated 28-4-2016 about tasks and key measures to continue to improve the business environment, enhance national competitiveness in 2016-2017, in that focusing on: Tighten discipline in each agency or unit; strengthen prevention and prevent negativity and corruption, won’t let officers make serious violations, and handled criminally.

Continue to reform, simplify administrative procedures and expand National Single Window and ASEAN countries, apply information technology to the professional activities of administrative reform and modernization of Customs; strengthening Customs control, combating smuggling and commercial fraud and counterfeiting under the direction of the National Steering Committee 389 and prevent the organization, smuggling groups operate in the Customs operation. At the same time, strive to complete the budget collection plan in 2017 by the National Assembly, determined to achieve the targets assigned by the Ministry of Finance.

To accelerate the competition, orient the competition to political tasks, into each field, each topic, in the right time. Through the competition, mobilizing all potentials and creativity of officers and employees as well as detect, establish and develop typical example and forms of reward, honor the typical models to boost morale engrossed in working, contribute positively to the agency development and stability, development, successfully complete their assigned political tasks.

The General Department of Customs requested units to promote the communication and propagation of the competition, the propaganda division of the Office of the General Department, the local Customs Department in coordination with Customs newspapers, Central mass media to write and publish news about the competition, and typical models in Customs.

Some key indicators are proposed General Development of Customs:

100% of units under the General Department of Customs registered in the competition (build specific criteria), organize to launch the competition and effectively implement the competition, successfully complete the task assigned.

100% of officials, public servants, and workers in each unit register and actively participate in the competition, training, compliance and strive to complete at the highest level and assigned tasks.

Customs administration strives to complete excellently in the work in 2017, which focuses on the key tasks that have been identified.

By Thu Trang/Thanh Thuy