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Computerization in operations of the Hanoi Taxation

08:15 | 10/01/2017

VCN – In 2016, the Hanoi Department of Taxation completed in excess of the State budget estimate with revenues of more than 158,960 billion vnd (reaching 102.9% of the estimate, up by 14.8% compared to the previous year). Speaking with Express, Mr. Mai Son, Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Taxation stated that: the result expressed the hard work and efforts in reform and modernization of the Hanoi Department of Taxation.

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computerization in operations of the hanoi taxation

Mr. Mai Son, Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Taxation

In your point of view, what is the main cause leading to thesuccessful completion of domestic tax collection in 2016?

This result achieved is due to the significant effort of Hanoi Taxation.

However, at first, we would like to give many thanks to the business community and tax payers in collaboration with the Tax Authorities in compliance of the law policies on tax.

To achieve this result, the Hanoi Department of Taxation carried out fully measures set out from the end of 2015 and implemented strictly and fully all directions of the Ministry of Finance, the People’s Committee of Hanoi city and the General Department of Taxation on solutions in reform of administrative procedures and complied with the law on tax management to ensure the completion of the estimate.

Can you tell me more about the solutions implemented by the Hanoi Department of Taxation?

In compliance with the directions of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation, in the last year, the tax agencies in Hanoi were always companions and removed difficulties for enterprises as well as tax payers on policies and administrative procedures. We promoted administration reform and consulted issues relating to shortcomings on policies as well as procedures so that taxpayers were assured in their business and production, thereby well performing their tax obligations.

Besides, we also implemented a series of measures in the reform of administrative procedures. They were relating to information and technology in the management of tax agencies and taxpayers, and concurrently coordinated with relevant departments from the stage of enterprise establishmentto the stage of enterprise licensing.

During the past time, the Hanoi Department of Taxation could complete the license for enterprises after 30 minutes when receiving the information. Hanoi is now a leading city in IT application from the electronic tax declarations to electronic tax payment of taxpayers.

Moreover, we also carried out other measures and applications in management of information on policies and shortcomings in the operations of enterprises through the email system and connected to units in departments to support administrative procedures for enterprises. The Hanoi Tax authority implemented 100% using electronic system in transactions between the tax agencies.

In particular, the support for compliance of tax management from the stage of support, declaration and inspection of implementation, risk management as well as the promotion of debt recovery in solving difficulties for enterprises were a major concern of the Hanoi Department of Taxation. Therefore, our outstanding result in the last year was clearly shown in the inspection. With the inspection, we completed 100% on the basis of implementation of risk management. Together with that, debt management contributed significantly to reduce the tax arrears. These actions also helped enterprises to remove difficulties, so that enterprises tried to pay the incurred tax and pay theirtax debts.

Furthermore, the Hanoi Department always pays special attention to the improvement of the quality of human resources and during the last year, with a series of measures for training and retraining as well as control of tax officers in performing their obligations, contributing to strengthenenterprises’ belief in tax. Thiscontributed significantlyto help the Tax Department successfully completeits tasks in the difficult context of the world economy and the country’s economy.

In 2017, what will the Hanoi Department of Taxation do to remain the good achievements as the last year?

In 2017, we will continue to improve the quality of human resources and promote the computerization in operations of tax agencies. This is a key issue and is what we aim to do. We will continue to fully comply as well as implement administration reform byIT application to promote the e-government as well as reduce the tax declaration time of taxpayers.

Also this year, we will enhance the expansion of testing electronic invoices and using electronic invoices in the business community under the directions of the Ministry of Finance and the People's Committee of Hanoi City. Some types of tax declarations will be upgraded to level 4 such as payment of registration fees, declarations for payment of house rental tax for foreigners; and a number of tax management measures such as tax collection mandate for household business area.

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The purpose of this is separating taxpayers fromregular communication with tax agencies, reducing expenses and time of tax declarations and payments of enterprises. This is what the Hanoi Department of Taxation aims to and determined to do as an important stage to complete the task.

Thank you so much,

By Thuy Linh/ Huyen Trang