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2017: Customs implement rules, discipline and administration

12:56 | 12/01/2017

VCN – On the morning of 10 January 2017, the General Department of Vietnam Customs held an online conference to summarize its performance in 2016 and deploy tasks for 2017 with 35 videoconference points in local Customs. The delegates of the conference were Deputy Ministers of Finance, Vu Thi Mai and Do Hoang Anh Tuan, and Director General of Vietnam Customs Nguyen Van Can who chaired the conference.   

2017 customs implement rules discipline and administration Customs enhances examination and inspections of construction glass
2017 customs implement rules discipline and administration Customs adds more public services – more convenience for enterprises
2017 customs implement rules discipline and administration The quality of implementation of the National Single Window enhanced
2017 customs implement rules discipline and administration

The leaders of the Ministry of Finance and General Department of Vietnam Customs directed the Conference. Photo: Hong Van

There was a change in this conference, instead of listening to the reports, the delegates watched videos summarizing the performance result in 2016 of Customs and orientations and tasks for 2017. This showed that Customs completed many tasks assigned in 2016. In which the highlight achievements are in: State budget collection; post clearance audits, anti-smuggling and anti-trade fraud; and reform of administrative procedures and risk management.

At the Conference, Deputy Director General Nguyen Cong Binh reported on IT measures meeting the requirements for Customs administration and effective implementation of Government Resolutions (Resolution No. 19-2015/NQ-CP, Resolution No. 19-2016/NQ-CP, Resolution No. 35/NQ-CP and Resolution No. 36a/NQ-CP). In which, he stressed that in 2016, with great determination and displaying intelligence at high level with strong political spirit and spirit of daring to think and daring to act, the IT application in Customs achieved good results, clarified the way of IT application in the next 5 years, and achieved initial results toward to the depth and passed the "shadow of itself" and created a solid basis for the deployment of IT application in the coming years.

About the orientations of IT application in the coming time, the Deputy General Director Nguyen Cong Binh said that the target is developing the IT system by 2020 to be an intelligent system, centrally processing on a modern technology platform and possible to be ready at the high level on the basis of tight integration with the information systems of the involved parties; and meeting the requirements of the Customs administration in accordance with international standards "Anytime - Anywhere – Any means".

Based on achieved results, in 2017, IT application will focus on: Deploying comprehensively the IT application to improve Customs administration; Providing 100% of online public services; Deploying successfully the National Single Window and ASEAN Single Window; Ensuring the conditions of technical infrastructure meeting the requirements on stability, security and safety of IT deployment; and Enhancing IT application in internal Customs.

2017 customs implement rules discipline and administration
Videoconference points in local Customs. Photo: Hong Van

Speech on the measures of anti-fraud solutions to complete the task of the State Budget revenue at the Conference, Director of Import –Export Tax Department Luu Manh Tuong emphasized that in 2017, Customs will continue to enhance anti-trade fraud. To properly implement this task, the General Department of Vietnam Customs proposed the Ministry of Finance to fix the inadequacies in cost value in Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC dated 25 March 2015 of the Ministry of Finance, and appointed the Directors of Customs Departments in provinces and cities based on the actual situation and resources of units to implement consultations, post clearance audits and ensure the unified management of inspections and valuations under Customs clearance and after Customs clearance, and assign civil servants who have been trained in cost value and have practical skills and experiences in consultation or post clearance audits; and organize practical training courses to train officers and civil servants who work with pricing.

The speech on the enhancement of management and supervision of goods across border gates, seaports and airports, and the State management on Customs for processing and manufacturing activities for export, and processing enterprises by Deputy Director of Customs Supervision and Management Department Au Anh Tuan mentioned measures for Customs administration in the coming time, focusing on: Building a legal basis on connection and information exchange with units doing business in warehouses, yards and ports in Customs supervision; Building an overall IT system for connection and information exchange with units doing business in warehouses, yards and ports in Customs supervision; Building an IT system to connect and support enterprises in announcing their manufacturing establishments and reporting their final accounting to Customs authorities; and Organizing to implement and train Customs skills and operations supporting inspections for Customs civil servants.

Director General Nguyen Van Can requested units to focus on: Evaluating operational activities, building the forces implemented in 2016 and especially focusing on measures to carry out the tasks in 2017, including reforming, modernizing and improving the management capacity of Customs.

Many presentations were made at the conference such as: a presentation of the Director of Hai Phong Customs Department, Nguyen Tien Loc on the shortcomings in goods management in the ports and proposals for management measures for this type; presentation of Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department, Ly Ma Thong on deployment of keys tasks of the Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department; presentation of Director of Quang Tri Customs Department, Bui Thanh San on experiences in anti-smuggling and anti-trade fraud in Quang Tri; Director of Hanoi Customs Department Nguyen Van Truong reported on the topic of adjustment of management and implementation of the rules and disciplines in Hanoi Customs Department and Deputy Director of Quang Ninh Customs Department Nguyen Van Nghiem presented Customs management for goods of residents in border areas.

All proposals of local Customs were listened to carefully and answered at the Conference by the leaders of the General Department of Customs.

Assigned by the Minister of Finance, attending and speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister Do Hoang Anh Tuan complimented, recognized and highly appreciated the efforts to achieve the significant results in 2016 of Customs and concurrently stressed some key tasks that must be drastically and effectively implemented in 2017.

As the Deputy Minister in charge of Customs from 1 January 2017, speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister Vu Thi Mai confirmed to closely accompany with Customs to implement the tasks in 2017. Deputy Minister Vu Thi Mai also hopes that Customs will continue to proactively develop the achieved results in 2016 to successfully implement the tasks in 2017

On behalf of all Customs civil servants, the General Director Nguyen Van Can was pleased to follow the directions of the two Deputy Ministers. According to the Director General, the lessons learned from the implementation of political tasks in 2016 were solidarity associated with rules and disciplines, and drastic implementation of assigned tasks. Thus, in 2017, Customs will thoroughly assign to all civil servants, officers and employees to carry out the key tasks and strive to reach 290,000 billion vnd of State revenue.

2017 customs implement rules discipline and administration Vietnam Customs issues regulation about inspection and internal control of customs procedures

VCN – The General Director of the General Department of Customs issued Decision No. 4398/QĐ-TCHQ about regulations ...

The Director General Nguyen Van Can noted that 2017 will be the year that Customs implements rules and disciplines toward administration, but not affecting commercial activities as well as not causing difficulties and troubles and harassments for enterprises. These two parallel tasks will be drastically deployed by Customs.

By Thu Trang/ Huyen Trang