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1,128 victims trafficked across borders in 2016

09:10 | 08/01/2017

VCN- According to statistics from the Anti-crime Steering Committee (Steering Committee 138), in 2016, there were 383 cases of human trafficking, with 523 criminals and 1,128 victims, a decrease of 6% compared to 2015, but there was an increase of 12.8% in the number of victims and nearly 200,000 unauthorized immigrants to China, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand at a high risk of being trafficked.

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1128 nan nhan bi mua ban qua bien gioi
The functional authorities at the Vietnam-China border saved victims in human trafficking cases.

In 2016, the functional forces discovered 234 cases of human trafficking, arrested 308 criminals; verified, rescued and received more than 1,500 people (including 600 people identified as victims in human trafficking cases). In 3 peak months against the crime of human trafficking across borders (from 1st July 2016 to 30th September 2016), the Police force and Border Guard discovered 70 cases of human trafficking, arrested 133 criminals and rescued 138 victims.

The People’s Procuracy at all levels have prosecuted 148 cases with 277 defendants related to human trafficking as well as children trafficking. Besides, the People's courts at all levels have resolved 160 cases with 299 defendants related to human trafficking; adjudicated 151 cases with 275 defendants; and organized 27 mobile court hearings in a number of key localities.

The Steering Committee 138/CP said that human trafficking became more and more complicated with an increase of foreign and transnational criminals; the abusing of loopholes in policies on labor export activities, marriage and adoption of foreign children, travel and seasonal workers for foreign human trafficking, as well as domestic human trafficking also increasing.

The Steering Committee 138/CP stated that the cause of this situation was due to the profit and the development of information technology. In addition, many Ministries, agencies and localities have not paid much attention to the fight against human trafficking and there has been a lack of specific plans for communications; and lack of international agreements on cooperation in combating human trafficking crimes, which has caused many cases of human trafficking to be suspended.

According to reports from the United Nations, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) and the Europe police, in 2016, there were about 65.3 million unauthorized immigrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East to Europe. Among them, 9 of 10 illegal immigrants in Europe were victims of human trafficking and there were 46 million people living in slavery in factories, mining stations or sold for sexual slavery. The World Health Organization announced that each year, there were about 10,000 cases related to illegal trade in human organs with the participation of human trafficking organizations.

In order to effectively fight against human trafficking across borders, in recent times, the High Command of the Border Guard and the Ministry of Public Security has focused on directing subordinate units to publicize civil servants and soldiers to interpret methods and tricks of this type of crime to improve vigilance and make plans to fight against human trafficking.

Despite this, the human trafficking situation is still complicated and increasing.

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Therefore, “the fight against the crime of human trafficking needs close collaboration of the whole society to publicize and raise awareness of people, especially ethnic minorities in remote areas to effectively prevent this dangerous crime”, Steering Committee 138/CP stressed.

By Dao Le/ Hoang Anh